Dear Friends,

After 27 years of Victorian etiquette ("napkins on your lap, elbows off the table!"), Girl Scout history, lessons in needlework, fencing and fans, Murder Mysteries, and Haunted Teas, the Victorian Pastimes at the Brown House Inn is closing its doors. It has been a joy to go adventuring into the past with our guests, many of whom have become friends, and working with our apprentices, staff and actors as they discover that history, plus a live audience in costume (right beside you on the stage), make wonderful theater. I will miss you all.

My real world job has called me permanently to Denver, Colorado, and it's time to pass the Brown House Inn on to new hands. The Inn will go on the market in June, and in preparation for that we are going to have a fabulous costume and fabric sale, June 18 th, 9am-4pm on the lawns of the Inn. There will be girls, ladies, men and boy's costumes for sale, as well as hoops, crinolines, high top ladies and girl's boots, ladies and girls hats, men's top hats and bowlers, toys, books, teapots, and miscellaneous Victorian Pastime items, including our Victorian puppet theater and Maypole. The sale will includes both antique and reproduction items.

Also for sale- our vast collection of fabric and trim, buttons and patterns. Perfect for reenactors, and Victorian enthusiasts, and quilters, there will be hundreds of yards of solid and print cotton fabric, cotton velvet, linen and bengaline. Fabric will be for sale by the yard, as bundled- meaning we will measure for cost, but purchases are for the entire length of the fabric selected no cutting.

For non-sewers there will be Seamstresses available that day to help you select everything you need for a fabulous, individually styled costume. You may choose to pay for your selections, and then commission the seamstresses to create your masterpiece. A simple and stress free way to costume yourself for your next adventure to the past!

Hundreds of yards of fabric, and hundreds of costumes. You will want to be there early!

For guests who have a special memory of their Victorian Pastime experience, please share your photos on the Brown House Inns Facebook page, or bring a copy of the photo to the sale and receive a special thank you gift. If there is a particular costume, or program item you have always hankered for, please let me know before the sale, and I will do my best to put it aside for you.

We do need volunteers to help sort costumes, fabric and trim the Wednesday thru Friday before the sale, and of course lots of help on the sale day. The bonus is, you get first dibs! Contact me at if you are interested in volunteering.

Staff and acting alumni - Come Home!! I would love to see you all, and there are some memorable props from Murder Mysteries, and Haunted Teas that need a home. My own daughters will both be helping with the sale, and I know they would like to swap stories, like "remember that group that kept kicking Steve to see if he was really dead?" (Steve - I still have your Sherlock Holmes cap, and you certainly earned it). So come visit Sarah, Ariel, Anna, Johanna, Kate, Chris, "The Steves" (and all our apprentices), or put on a costume and help!

Again, I will miss adventuring into the past with all of you. Victorian Pastimes has been the repository of my love for history, theater, and Girl Scouting, all of which I will carry with me wherever I go. And remember, never be afraid of your "scathingly brilliant ideas". Be brave, and amazing things will happen.

Yours truly,

"Mrs. Brown"
Leslie Wright